About Norsk jazzforum

Norsk Jazzforum (the Norwegian jazz forum) is a non-profit organisation which aims at connecting the Norwegian jazz scene. It aims to work for the benefit of Norwegian jazz, culturally and artistically. The organisation was founded in 1953, and recently celebrated its 60th anniversary.

Norsk Jazzforum’s primary aim is to spread jazz to the widest possible audience in Norway, speaking for Norwegian jazz nationally and internationally, as well as working for increased funding for Norwegian jazz. Its current membership consists of approximately 23 jazz festivals, 75 jazz clubs, 120 big bands, 590 professional musicians and 130 jazz students. In addition to the national organisation Norsk Jazzforum in Oslo, there are 5 regional jazz centres in Norway, based in Bodø, Trondheim, Bergen, Arendal and Oslo.

The organisation runs on public funding, which goes straight to the Norwegian jazz scene in various forms of support for musicians, promoters and big bands. As well as extensive national touring, the new generation of Norwegian jazz musicians is increasingly attractive for international clubs and festivals, and Norsk Jazzforum funding is often vital to the realisation of a tour. Norsk Jazzforum also arranges various projects for and with its members, on their own or in co-operation with other institutions.

In 2006 a national jazz scene was finally established in Oslo on government funding. The National Jazz  Scene is a place of meeting for the entire jazz milieu with extended effects not only in Oslo but nationwide. It aims at presenting the best jazz within all styles from both Norway and abroad.

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