Norsk Jazzforum (The Norwegian jazz forum) is a non-profit organisation uniting the Norwegian jazz scene and working to improve terms and conditions politically and artistically on behalf of the community. The organisation was founded in 1953.

Norsk jazzforum’s primary goal is to ensure widespread distribution of Norwegian jazz nationally and internationally. The organisation receives public funding which is directly distributed to the Norwegian jazz community through various subsidies for musicians/bands, promotors, and big bands. The new generation of Norwegian jazz musicians is increasingly attractive for international clubs and festivals, and Norsk Jazzforum’s funding is often vital in realising tours. Norsk Jazzforum also arranges various projects for and with its members, on their own or in co-operation with other organisations.

The member base consists of 28 jazz festivals, 91 jazz clubs, 143 big bands, 690 professional musicians, 76 jazz students, 2 educational institutions for jazz and 5 regional jazz centres based in Bodø, Trondheim, Bergen, Arendal and Oslo.

In 2006 a national jazz scene was finally established in Oslo on public funding. The National Jazz Scene is a meeting place for the entire jazz community extending nationwide, aiming to present the best jazz within all styles from Norway and abroad.

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