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Norwegian Jazz Launch 2011

...scene and has performed at many <strong>jazz</strong> festivals and <strong>jazz</strong> clubs across Europe. Brunvoll was awarded the Natt<strong>jazz</strong> Talent Award for 2009. The jury described her as “a performer with...


Norwegian Jazz Launch 2013

...and its activities include providing financial support for travel expenses, marketing, and arranging bookings with key international <strong>jazz</strong> clubs and festivals. The West <strong>Norway Jazz</strong> Centre and the Norwegian <strong>Jazz</strong>...


Young Jazz Musicians of the Year 2010

...Young <strong>Jazz</strong> Musicians of the Year Norwegian <strong>Jazz</strong> Forum, Concerts <strong>Norway</strong> and five of <strong>Norway</strong>’s greatest <strong>jazz</strong> festivals collaborate in realizing the project <strong>Jazz</strong>intro; a launch programme for young, professional...


Meet Norwegian artists at jazzahead! in Germany this April

...Being the most important market place for the international <strong>jazz</strong> community, <strong>jazz</strong>ahead! takes place in Bremen, Germany between the 25th and 28th of April 2019. <strong>Norway</strong> is this year’s partner...

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This Is Our Music

...of <strong>Norway</strong>´s best music critics, commissioned by <strong>Jazz</strong>nytt – <strong>Norway</strong>´s one and only magazine dedicated to <strong>jazz</strong> in all its <strong>form</strong>s, and published for the first time in English. Featuring...